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Welcome to one of the biggest trauma center and emergency department of the country, providing treatment, comfort and care to its patient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
 Lady Reading Hospital is the level one trauma center of the province (KPK), where we receive all individual and mass traumas. Lady Reading Hospital Emergency department receives about 3000 to 4000 patients per day.
Our Emergency Department has developed its own Triaging system which has received international recognition and is known as LRH Model Triaging system.
Patients get all the emergency investigation facilities like CT scan, Xrays, Blood investigation, round the clock, under one roof.
The Emergency Department has around 200 beds under one roof. It receives every kind of emergencies which receive treatment in different wards within the department, working 24/7.
The Accident & Emergency (A&E) Unit sometimes termed the Emergency Room, Emergency Ward or Casualty Unit is an area of hospital or Primary Care Unit that provides initial treatment to patients with a broad spectrum of Illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and requiring immediate attention.
Emergency Unit developed during the 20th century in response to an Increased need for rapid assessment and management of critical illnesses upon arrival; the people typically undergo a brief triage, or sorting, interview to help determine the nature and severity of their illness. Individuals with serious illnesses are then seen by a clinician more rapidly than those with less severe symptoms or injuries. After initial assessment and treatment, patients are admitted to the hospital, stabilized and transferred to another hospital wards for various reasons and further management, or discharged. The staff in Emergency Unit not only includes doctor’s but paramedics and nurses with specialized training in emergency care .
The Emergency Unit also has other Human Resource like emergency medical technicians, radiology technicians, cardiology technicians , Healthcare Assistants (HCAs), attendants and other support staff who all work as a team to manage emergency patients and provide support to anxious family members. Before making a final diagnosis; patients are attended on symptomatology and provided initial management including life saving measures. The chief complaint remains a primary record until the attending physician makes a final diagnosis with help of clinical examination, relevant lab and imaging investigations.
Trauma Center
All the road traffic accidents, injuries, burns, fire arm injuries and other trauma are seen here. Well trained staff including consultants, medical officers, nurses and technician provides round the clock care to the patients
Acute Medical Unit
Different kind of medical emergencies from Poisoning to Cerebrovascular accidents are treated here. Experienced staff including consultants, trainee medical officers, medical officers and nurses manages the patients 24/7.
Medical Resus.
State of the are well equipped 4 bedded ward which provide treatment to the critically ill patients by consultant and well trained senior medical officer.
Neurotrauma Unit:
Receiving head injuries from all around the province
Casualty Orthopedics Ward.
All these facilities with emergency medication are provided free of charge. Only 20 rupees are taken to get red parchee marking the patient as emergency in the beginning.
Recognition for training:
Lady reading hospital is first public sector hospital recognized for training in Emergency Medicine by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Also it is one of the few hospitals which provide Masters in Emergency Medicine.
Learning Resource center:

Emergency Department has developed a special place for teaching and training, wherelatest manikins and teaching material is available. Emergency department is providing training and teaching in the following courses

  • Golden Hour Course
  • ABC of ECG
  • Top Tips for Acute Medical Emergencies
  • Ultrasound Level I course

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Emergency Director

Accident & Emergency


Assistant Professor

Tariq Hayat Khan
MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)

Assistant Professor

Dr Ibrar Hussain

Assistant Professor

Dr Khalil Ullah

Assistant Professor

Dr. Zia Ullah Chamkani
MRCP (Ireland), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Glasgow)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Zahid Ullah Khan
"MBBS, FCPS (Orthopedic & Trauma), Fellowship in Trauma, MRCEM Primary, MRCEM Intermediate "

Assistant Professor

Dr. Syed Sufyan Khaliq
MBBS, FCPS (General Medicine)

Assistant Professor

Dr Muhammad Abas Khan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Zeeshan Muhammad Jaffar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rafi Ullah
MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), Fellowship in Endocrinology

Assistant Professor

Dr. Waqar Hayat

Assistant Professor

Dr Ali Sibtain

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shah Hussain
MS (Accident & Emergency, MPH, MD (MBBS)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mudasser Majeed

Assistant Professor

Dr. Faisal Khan

Assistant Professor

Dr Sadaf Abdullah

Lady Reading Hospital

It was established in 1927and it is just 200 meters away in the south of the Grand Trunk Road, behind the famous historical Qila Balahisar. Famous MasjidMuhabat Khan,Ander Shehr bazaar, Qissa Khawani bazaar and Khyber bazaar is across the road of LRH. LRH is just outside historical wall in the jurisdiction of cantonment board. The anecdote of the hospital of its coming into being is that His Excellency Lord Reading, viceroy of India from 1921 to 1926, happened to visit Peshawar.

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