Lady Reading Hospital – MTI (LRH) Material Management Department “MMD” is a complete solution to control day-to-day SUPPLY CHAIN OPERATIONS. Complies with regulations, rules and procurement principles with the guidelines of KPPRA. The management expects the highest level of fairness, transparency, integrity, economy and effectiveness for all procurement activities along with timely availability of resources to fulfill the daily requirements.
Materials management is involving the planning and execution of supply chains to meet the material requirements of LRH. These requirements include controlling and regulating the flow of material while simultaneously assessing variables like demand, price, availability, quality, and delivery schedules. Material managers determine the amount of material required and held in stock, plan for the replenishment of these stocks, create inventory levels for each type of item, and communicate information and requirements to procurement operations and the extended supply chain. Materials management also involves assessing material quality to make sure it meets LRH demands in line with an excellent patient care schedule and obviously at the lowest cost.
Material Management Department of LRH has a team of 32 educated and skilled staff. Lady Reading Hospital MTI is one of the few hospitals in Pakistan where staff is encouraged to utilize its potential in a safe, supportive and encouraging work environment.



Our mission is to provide smooth and uninterpreted supply of medicine and allied items to LRH ultimately meat the mission of Lady Reading Hospital to provide outstanding tertiary health care services for the community of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa with full utilization of available resources in the highest standard of care services.


The Material Management Department of Lady Reading Hospital will promise professional excellence by growing the creative art of MMD Team. That will produce superior outcomes with in national and international Supply Chain community. And will have a professional practice environment that attracts and retains qualified staff to the profession providing the highest quality care to the clients.


The objectives of material management are:
  • The Right Material
  • At the Right Time
  • In the Right Amount
And of the quality that is:
  • At the right price
  • From the right sources


  • Job Training on Capacity Building
  • Team Building
  • Tour to hilly places

Automated Inventory Management

With the usage of SKM’s tailored software we could track and organize stock, supplies, and sales. An automated system allows Material Management team to manage inventory in real-time, and make critical decisions in a timely fashion. In case one of products is running low on stock and reaching the predetermined reorder point, then inventory management software automatically suggest that reorder level reached. We developed the system based key performance indicators which encourages as well as accountable staff and vendors.

Main Warehouse

MMD has central control enables more efficient inventory control, lower staffing costs and a decrease in overheads. Staff also benefit with better training and support and the ability to build better relationships with customers (internal and external).

Purchase Section

Material Management Department at LRH has Centralized purchasing and control by one headquarters allows for central management and volume purchases that lead to better prices and terms as well as the ability to work with larger suppliers. 

Central Receiving Point

All Pharmacy, non-Pharmacy items and capital items, supplied to Lady Reading Hospital land to this central point, team of experts have to examine, count and get expert opinion for acceptance or rejections, before shifting materials to warehouses.

Tailoring Team

For cost effective and timely preparation and repair of uniforms and bedding we have team of 4 skilled staff.


Assistant Manager Material Management

Mr. Faisal Farooq Khan

Purchase Officer

Mr Saud Faisal

Purchase Officer

Mr. Numan Aqib

Purchase Officer

Mr. Jalal Ahmad

Purchase Officer

Mr. Irfan Ullah

Purchase Officer

Mr Wajid Babar

Purchase Officer

Mr Muharram Khan

CRP Officer

Mr. Muhammad Haroon

Assistant Manager Stores

Mr. Zeeshan Alam

CRP Officer

Mr Muhammad Shiraz Khan

Lady Reading Hospital

It was established in 1927and it is just 200 meters away in the south of the Grand Trunk Road, behind the famous historical Qila Balahisar. Famous MasjidMuhabat Khan,Ander Shehr bazaar, Qissa Khawani bazaar and Khyber bazaar is across the road of LRH. LRH is just outside historical wall in the jurisdiction of cantonment board. The anecdote of the hospital of its coming into being is that His Excellency Lord Reading, viceroy of India from 1921 to 1926, happened to visit Peshawar.

Lady Reading Hospital MTI


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