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Hospital Pharmacy Department being an integral component of the Health care Delivery team catering diversified professional duties in the management of the Patient care & treatment keeping a close liaison with stake holders, both clinical & managerial of the Hospital, look after the duties to the satisfaction of job obligations with the following personnel as on the day of today i.e. 17-02-2012.

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About Pharmacy & Stores

Hospital Pharmacy Department being an integral component of the Health care Delivery team catering diversified professional duties in the management of the Patient care & treatment keeping a close liaison with stake holders, both clinical & managerial of the Hospital, look after the duties to the satisfaction of job obligations with the following personnel as on the day of today i.e. 17-02-2012.

The Pharmacy department works under the directive of the Head of the Institution and assist in matters pertaining to proper distribution, storage and procurements of Drugs as per policy of the Govt. The Job description of Pharmacist is notified by the Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa vide letter No.SO(D)Health/3-8/94 Dated27-03-2001/Medicine

The distribution of drugs and other Pharmaceuticals to the different units and critical care areas of the hospital i.e. A&E Department, Gynae Labour rooms, Neuro Surgery ICU, General ICU, O.Ts & Emergency Day Care Center are according to the requirement and need of the respective area. In case of emergency medicines, which are not available in the store or any other essential medicines needed for the needy patients, are made available through local purchase as per policy of the Govt.

Ordinarily, the medicines are stored at room temperature but for those medicines, which need special attention i.e. thermo labile medicines, cold chain facilities are available. Moreover narcotics i.e. Morphine & other narcotic analgesics are stored under the lock and key supervised by the In-charge of the Pharmacy Department.

Bulk Purchase

The Government Medicines Co-ordination Cell (MCC) is a department of the Health Department, responsible for Pr-Qualification, Tendering, Selection, and approval of rates, applicable to all health institution in the province.Vide Notification No.Section officer(D)Health/2-43/2000 Dated Peshawar the 24th January 2001 this institution can make purchases of medicines (life saving) up to 30% of the allocated budget in the event of the non-availability of the Govt. MCC approved rates. The demand of the different units is worked out with in the allocated budget for medicines keeping in view the routine requirements / need of the hospitalized patients.The MCC & LRH approved list along with the budget allocation are communicated to the In-charge of the units to work out their requirements & submit to the Chief Pharmacist.

After receipt of demands from the units, It is consolidated and scrutinized with professional input by the Pharmacy Department. After proper sanction from the Chief Executive / Medical Superintendent bulk supply orders are processed by the Pharmacy Department. The bulk supplies are received at the main Pharmacy stores, where it is checked for quality, quantity, strength & expiry dates, batch number etc. by the Notified Inspection Committee of the hospital. Random sampling is made from the stocks, sent to the provincial Drug Testing Laboratory for the necessary test analysis. The units are informed through a monthly circulated available Drug list for utilization in the wards.

Local Purchase

Procurement of drugs in bulk continue to be a policy of this hospital at the approved rates of Govt. MCC & the Hospital rates where the approved rates are not available in the Govt. MCC list or where the Hospital rates happen to be comparatively economical so that local purchase is avoided to the maximum possible extent. However certain drugs which are out of stocks / not available in the approved lists (MCC / LRH list) but essential for patients, such like drugs are procured in piecemeal through local purchase (L.P) as per Government Notification No. Section Officer (D)Health/2-43/2000 Dated. 24-01-2001 & SO(D)/Health/2-43/2003 Dated. 25-02-06. For this purpose annual contract is awarded to the chemist falling with in the jurisdiction of 200 metes of the hospital who offer maximum discount on retail prices.

The medicines are demanded on the wards indent book, duly signed by the Authorized Consultant of the ward with bed numbers, admission number and Name of he patient. After confirming the non availability of medicines in the medicines store the local purchase of the indent is approved by the competent authority i.e. Chief Executive / Medical Superintendent subsequent to examination and duly recommended / referred by Pharmacy Department. At times the LP chits / token duly prescribed by the Authorized Medical attended signed / allowed by Chief Executive / Medical Superintendent might avail the service without passing through the LP section of the store for the want of the required medicines in exigency situation / compulsion to ensure quick and urgent services to such like cases which are entertained as such being the executive order.

Separate record is maintained for procurement and distribution out of regular fund and funds for Emergency medicines duly taken on the LP ledgers reflecting the correct  factual details of the drugs, its potency, quantity, the ward / person for whom local purchase is made.

Funds For Emergency Medicine
There is a core emergency medicines list followed with addition / deletion depending upon the changing situations / needs of the critical care units, A&E Department, the exigencies requirements confronted like sporadic bomb blast, flood devastations requirements, cases related to seasonal effects like increase in the snake bite cases, Rabid Dog bite cases etc. Besides Medicines, disposables, cotton, Gauze & other appliances required in the management of the emergency cases are purchased from the Funds for Emergency Medicines through following sources.
The medicines demands from the units are quantified within the allocated budget & the procurement is prepared on the basis of need of the units keeping in view the objective of the essential needs as a priority requirement to ensure that the principle of PULL for medicines is followed rather than the PUSH to ensure the best possible services to the patients rather than dumping the stocks having no relevance to the patient needs and that’s why a procurement plan is made on quarterly basis (three months) to ensure only the top priority medicines are purchased
Hepatitis Program:
Pharmacy department of this Institution is the focal point to facilitate an effective co-ordination between the clinicians and the administration in the subject area of Hepatitis under the Prevention and Control of Hepatitis at the provincial level
Department cater the managerial coordinating work between the clinicians and the administrations to ensue quick arrangement of the required support in terms of medicines / disposables duly financed by the Pakistan Baitul Mal for both the indoor and the outdoor patients. However departments like Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiology & the Orthopedics department have their own system of the arrangement of the required medicines / disposables for the Pakistan Baitul Mal entitled patients for whom the preliminary approval of the required finance is routed through this office.
Teaching to PGPI Students:
Pharmacy Staff is actively involved in the teaching of PGPI Students in the discipline of Pharmacy and its related issues.
Cardiology & Specialize Pharmacy
In the light of the letter from Chief Secretary & Health Department initially in 2003 the Cardiology Pharmacy was started to offer emergency and necessary drugs in close vicinity hence obviating the need of rushing to the medical store outside the hospital at inconvenient hours. The drugs are offered at much lower price as the hospital Pharmacy can buy in bulk and at lower rate. The drugs are procured as per requirement on credit facility from the firms preferably through the approved rates of Govt. MCC & LRH tender and the items not available

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